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Give us a call and tell us what is your current situations and how it all came about. All and any conversation is strictly confidential, this is applies even you do not hire us or not. Our over the phone consultations are free. We will then review your case based on the information you have provided us.
We will inform you what the potential outcome can be. If you decided to hire us, we will inform you that all communication will be handled by us.  New Horizons are Customer service driven and we love what we do. We work to the very end, for the very best results for every single one of our clients. Dealing with IRS is a challenging task to handle on your own, as they are very aggressive.

Their collection systems are very difficult and intimidating. Most taxpayers who handle their case on their own end up with bigger debt. We always recommend clients to do their research and consider the potential options. We work with our clients to make sure they are comfortable and leave with less stressed from when they originally called us.

Our Services

Partial Payment Installment Agreements

if you’re having difficulty paying back your IRS or State back taxes. Our representatives at New Horizons can negotiate an Installment agreement on your behalf based on your very own financial situation. We have experience with several clients. Every case different with their own special scenarios. Establishing an installment agreement is highly recommended for taxpayers. Having an installment agreement avoids  levies, bank garnishments, liens, seizures. A taxpayer is entitled to choose their payment due date. Staying current with Tax fillings and paying taxes is a requirement.

Offer in Compromise

The Internal Revenue Service has created what is known as OIC, which is the most common route for Tax Payers in a financial hardship or particular situations. The clients hardship does need to proven to the Internal revenue Service. If you owe  IRS a debt in which you cannot pay back, an OIC is your best resolution strategy. An OIC has to be properly done and submitted to IRS. We will prepare all of the required forms and submit them for you. Verification of qualified taxpayer is reviewed before submission. The Time frame for a OIC is typically 4-8 months, depending on case and clients cooperation with documentation. If the IRS approves your OIC you will paying lesser amount on the balance due, with a final payment to conclude your offer.

Fresh Start Program

The Internal Service created a program for Taxpayers who owe less than $50,000 to help them pay back their tax debt. This program helps consolidate the collection process of Tax debt between both parties less stringent. Their program structures are set up to save the Taxpayers an appealing amount in tax debt. There are specific guidelines to follow and it is highly recommended that a licensed professional handle all the entire process of negotiation on the debt owed.

Currently Not Collective (“CNC”)

The IRS has another appealing program for Taxpayers who aren’t able to pay back their Taxes. There are taxpayers who are in financial bind and are struggling financially. The programs name state what it offers. A taxpayer will need to fill out forms to show that they are in a financial hardship and are not able to pay back. If you can property show that your expenses over exceed your Monthly Income, this signifies a Financial hardship. Or if you have no actual assets worth levying  The IRS will stop any collection of taxes or penalize you. Interest will continue to accrue on your balance. The IRS will place your account on hold until you are able to financially set up another form of resolution. The IRS does require to file new forms every year to show the current financial situation.

Innocent Spouse Relief

By definition with Internal Revenue service, if you can prove that you are an Innocent Spouse or Ex-Spouse. You may not be subject to a Tax debt owed by another person. A specialized team is advised to gather all  evidence and documentation needed and presented to IRS and then relieve you of tax consequences that do not pertain to you.


For most cases when owing Tax debt, interest and penalties are an important part of the process. Penalties are accrued by either not filling or not paying taxes. These are the most common and they can be removed or even in some special occasions penalties and interest can refunded. There has to be a reasonable cause to be removed. IRS has several scenarios, and may be willing to review a file to see if removal is granted. A Form 843 will need to be filled out. We recommend that you have paid your full tax liability in full before submitting a proper written abetment.

Release Of Federal Tax Lien

A federal tax lien is filed when a Taxpayer owes more than $5,000. The IRS will proceed to file a lien on you. This is a form of securing their debt owed. You are able to remove your lien by paying your debt in full or start an Installment plan with IRS. Also we recommend to always open all IRS mail, an option to appeal lien may be available.

Tax Planning

Along with Tax preparation we encourage our clients to hire for current or future tax planning, we all need guidance. At some point whether its starting a new chapter or simply managing your business, or estate planning. We build your very own customized tax plan to keep you on track and avoid falling into another tax issue. The goal is to have a plan and not fall in a stressful pattern or situation.

IRS Bank Levy Release

The IRS also a right to place a Levy on your Bank accounts. The Taxpayer has a total of 21 days to challenge IRS. If you aren’t able, please call us New Horizons Tax Center, as we have many years of experience in handling levies.

Tax Return Preparation Bookkeeping

The main factor to Tax Resolution is being complaint with your Tax returns. At New Horizons, we offer Tax preparation services. We offer services from the very basic wage earner status to a self employed or business owners. The most important part of Tax preparation is hiring a tax center with the knowledge in tax preparation. A Lot of problem do arise from lack of experience or due diligence on the tax professional. We also offer Bookkeeping, this mainly pertains to Self-employed Taxpayers, so need help staying on track and making sure all documents are in order for Tax purposes and Accountability.

Installment Agreement (“IA”)

If you aren’t able to pay your taxes in full, IRS will allow you to pay them back in equal monthly installments. A financial statement form will be needed to provide to IRS, along with supporting documentations. This is considered a form of Tax Resolution. Dealing with IRS can be a stressful and complicated process, With an experienced Tax professional you can reassure that the best IA’s negotiation will be take place. Upon their approval, and an IA is placed penalties and interest are part of setting up an installment plan. The ultimate goal is to set the best payment plan and pay back your back taxes in the most shortest time frame possible.

IRS Wage Garnishment Release

When the IRS issues a Levy or may seize your assets, and the taxpayers have a total of 30 days to challenge them. The IRS levies taxpayers to collect a debt that is due, in which a Taxpayer has not been compliant with. Taxpayers can either set up a resolution or pay your tax debt in full to have a levy release.  In the event that you actually get a levy placed, you have some options to have the Levy removed.There are a several methods that are available to release levy.  Some of those options entail within the Tax Resolutions, such as IA’s, OIC’s, CNC, and submitting forms to ask IRS to remove Levy.

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