Be wary of Scam IRS Callers

In recent events an influx of Telephone calls have been on the rise. Fake IRS agents calling all Tax payers and pretending to be IRS agents. Many Tax payers all over the country were victims to IRS scam calls, The call started with “the Agents” notifying clients that they were in critical time sensitive predicament if they didn’t pay. Tax payers were threaten to be taken to jail, suspension of License, or Deportation if their bill wasn’t paid in the time given. They were verbally forcing taxpayers to fund a  pre-paid debit/credit card to alleviate the time sensitive dead line. Many tax payers were lied to and we asked to pay large amounts of money to these unknown individuals. Its important that Taxpayers stay informed on whats going on, so they don’t fall into these outrages scams. Stay educated about your rights, and the Standard procedures for both IRS and state agencies. To begin IRS will never call you asking you to pay. They dont email you or text you. They handle their resolution through IRS taxpayer hotline. They will provide you with a name and ID number.They will allow you to fill out financial statements, and start a payment plan. Inform friends and family about what’s going on before engaging any conversations with unknown callers.